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Category Number
CAT.NO : 566/2023 TO CAT.NO : 624/2023
Last date



Assistant Professor in Panchakarma - Ayurveda Medical Education (Cat.No.566/2023)


Assistant Professor in Oto Rhino Laryngology Head and Neck (ENT) - Medical Education (Cat.No.567/2023)


Assistant Professor in Reproductive Medicine - Medical Education (Cat.No.568/2023)


Architectural Assistant - Public Works Department (Architectural Wing) (Cat.No.569/2023)


Research Assistant (Chemistry) - Ayurveda Medical Education (Cat.No.570/2023)


Secretary Local Self Government Institutions - Local Self Government (ERA) Department (Cat.No.571/2023)


Sub Inspector of Police (Trainee) - Police (Kerala Civil Police) (Cat.No.572-574/2023)


Armed Police Sub Inspector (Trainee) - Police (Armed Police Battalion) (Cat.No.575 & 576/2023)


Probation Officer Gr.II - Social Justice (Cat.No.577/2023)


Technician (Pharmacy) - Ayurveda Medical Education (Cat.No.578/2023)


Assistant (Kannada Knowing) - Kerala Public Service Commission (Cat.No.579/2023)


Technical Assistant/ Serological Assistant - Chemical Examiners Laboratory (Cat.No.580/2023)


Lab Assistant (Dialysis) - Medical Education (Cat.No.581/2023)


Medical Records Librarian Gr.II - Health Services (Cat.No.582/2023)


Police Constable Driver ( For Ex-servicemen only) - Kerala Police (Cat.No.583/2023)


Woman Police Constable(Trainee) (Woman Police Battalion) - Kerala Police (Cat.No.584/2023)


Panchakarma Assistant - Ayurveda Medical Education (Cat.No.585/2023)


Technical Assistant (Visha) - Ayurveda Medical Education (Cat.No.586/2023)


Office Attendant - Govt.Secretariat/KPSC/State Audit Dept./Kerala Legislature Secretariat/Advocate General Office(Cat.No.587/23)


High School Teacher (Hindi) (By Transfer) - Education (Cat.No.588/2023)


High School Teacher (Mathematics) Tamil Medium - Education (Cat.No.589/2023)


High School Teacher (Social Science) -Malayalam Medium - (By Transfer) - Education (Cat.No.590/2023)


L. P School Teacher (Malayalam Medium) (By Transfer) - Education (Cat.No.591/2023)


Laboratory Technician Gr II - Indian Systems of Medicine (Cat.No.592/2023)


Police Constable(Trainee) (Armed Police Battalion) - Kerala Police (Cat.No.593/2023)


Pharmacist Gr.II (Ayurveda) - Indian System of Medicine/ Insurance Medical Services/ Ayurveda Colleges (Cat.No.594/2023)

Livestock Inspector Gr. II / Poultry Assistant/ Milk Recorder / Store Keeper / Enumerator - Animal Husbandry (Cat.No.595/2023)


Livestock Inspector Gr-II/Poultry Assistant/ Milk Recorder/Store Keeper/Enumerator (B/T )-Animal Husbandry (Cat.No.596/2023)


Part Time High School Teacher (Malayalam) - Education (Cat.No.597/2023)


Clerk (Tamil & Malayalam Knowing) (PART I - DIRECT RECRUITMENT ) - Various (Cat.No.598/2023)


Clerk (Tamil & Malayalam Knowing) (PART II (BY TRANSFER)) - Various (Cat.No.599/2023)


Tracer - Soil Survey and Soil Conservation (Cat.No.600/2023)


Ayah - Various (Cat.No.601/2023)


Higher Secondary School Teacher Junior - Physics (SR for Scheduled Tribe Only) - Kerala Higher (Cat.No.602/2023)


Assistant Marine Surveyor (XI NCA-SC) - Port (Hydrographic Survey Wing) (Cat.No.603/2023)


Agricultural Officer (III NCA-ST) - Agriculture Development and Farmers’ Welfare (Cat.No.604/2023)


Higher Secondary School Teacher (Junior) Arabic (XII NCA-SC/ST) - Kerala Higher Secondary Education (Cat.No.605 & 606/2023)


Offset Printing Machine Operator Gr.II (I NCA-DHEEVARA) - Printing (Government Presses) (Cat.No.607/2023)


High School Teacher (Mathematics) Kannada Medium (II NCA-Muslim) - Education (Cat.No.608/2023)


High School Teacher (Natural Science) - Malayalam Medium (I NCA-Dheevara) - Education (Cat.No.609/2023)


L P School Teacher (Malayalam Medium) (I NCA-SCCC) - Education (Cat.No.610/2023)


L P School Teacher (Tamil Medium) (I NCA-E/T/B/V) - Education (Cat.No.611 & 612/2023)


Junior Public Health Nurse Gr.II (I NCA-M/SIUCN/HN/D/V/SCCC) - Health Services / Municipal Common Service(Cat.No.613-618/2023)


Livestock Inspector Gr-II/Poultry Asst./Milk Recorder/Store Keeper/Enumerator(I NCA-D/HN)-Animal Husbandry(Cat.No.619&620/23)


Cook ( NCA-D/LC/AI/M) - Scheduled Tribe Development (Cat.No.621-623/2023)


Ayah ( II NCA-Dheevara) - Various (Cat.No.624/2023)