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The Commission is not the authoruty to grant any kind of extension of joining time.The candidate advised for appointment by the Commission are required to join duty within the time specified in the appointment Order. The Government have, directed, vide Circular No.96060/ADV.C3/94/P&ARD dated22/11/1994, all the Appointing Authorities to clearly specify in the appointment order the date upto which joining time is available to the candidates to join duty. However, in deserving cases, the Appointing Authorities can grant joining time upto 45 days on request. Joining time beyond 45 days can be granted by the Government ( or the concerned Administrative Department of the Secretariat) to those candidates who are in the midst of any educational course or training for completing the same. Applications for such extension for joining time need be submitted to the Government by the Candidates through the Appointing Authority within 45 days from the date of Appointment Order.