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The Head Office of the Kerala Public Service Commission is situated at  Thulasi Hills at Pattom in Thiuvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. Its name resonates frequently with the place-name Pattom. And, the Head Office of the Kerala Public Service Commission has already become the Signature of Pattom.

The Commission has got three Regional Offices at Kollam, Ernakulam and Kozhikode which have been constituted for decentralising State-wide selections. There are District Offices of the Commission in all Revenue Districts to attend to selections relating to posts earmarked for District-wise selections.

The Head of the Office of the Commission is the Secretary who is appointed by the Commission with prior approval of the Governor. The Secretary is assisted by three Additional Secretaries, one of whom is the Controller of Examinations. Below to their ranks, there are 12 Joint Secretaries, 22 Deputy Secretaries and 64 Under Secretaries. The number of Section Officers under the Commission is 196. About 1200 other officers including Personal Assistants, Assistants, Typists, Peons etc. are also assisting the Commission in its functions.

The functioning of the Commission is carried out by Recruitment Wing, Examination Wing, Departmental Test Wing, Advice/Consultation Wing, Secret Section, Research and Analysis Wing, Public Relation Unit, Establishment Wing, Accounts Wing, Records Section, Fair Copy Sections, Tappal Sections and Library.

The Recruitment Wing consists of Government Recruitment, Corporation and Companies Recruitment, Local Authority Recruitment, Co-operative sector Recruitment, Special Recruitment for SC/ST, Inspection of Recruitment and District Recruitment Sections which prepare Notifications inviting applications for District-wise Selection.

All works connected with the Conduct of various Examinations and Tests for Recruitment & Eligibility Test fall under the Examination Wing.

The Advice Wing deals with all the consultations in respect of Recruitment Rules and Disciplinary Cases made by the Government under Article 320(3)of the Constitution. Advice Wing also deals with furnishing facts to defend all the Litigation filed against or by the Commission before the Honble High Court of Kerala and Honble Supreme Court of India. The Commission have appointed an Advocate as its Legal Retainer to conduct the cases.

The Research and Analysis Wing coordinates, plans and monitors the operations of the whole organization to improve the quality of work, minimise the delay and to streamline and modernise the whole system.

The Public Relations Unit of the Commission functions as an effective link between the organistation and the public. The Enquiry Section under the unit functions as the information centre. Publication of the PSC Bulletin, a fortnightly publication of the Commission is also done by the P.R.Unit.